How We Work?

SciWrite Global follows streamlined processes based on our robust internal SOPs and work instructions. Our processes are flexible and custom-made as per the specific client requirements. We invest in delivering the best possible quality as each document undergoes rigorous internal review and quality checks. We use time-tested project specific checklists to avoid errors. We have a huge database of learning, known as knowledge database, which we depend on to train our writers for customer specific as well as general quality requirements. Our inhouse style guide, which is an amalgam of many internationally available style guides, is very flexible to accommodate client specific requirements. We implement a sculpt of quantitative quality matrices to evaluate the output of each projects.

The way we work on each document depend on the type of document, the task and the turnaround time. However, our general commitment to any business request is as follows:

Within 24 hours of receiving a business request from you through email, telephone, website or WhatsApp, our Business Development Executive,



Operations Specialist or the Managing Editor will contact you to understand more about the scope of work. You will then receive an estimated cost and proposed timeliness, with complete scope of the work, responsibilities and payment terms. Once the timelines and cost are agreed by both the parties, we assign the task to an appropriate writer or editor and a quality reviewer. All these processes usually will not take more than 48 hours – our data shows that on an average we took just 26 hours in the past 8 years. The edited manuscript will be internally reviewed by the quality reviewer and then by the Managing Editor before returning the same to the client. The Managing Editor will be your single point of contact at any time during your project and can be contacted 24X7, irrespective of the time zone differences. We are committed to revise your document to your satisfaction, if you have any adverse feedback on the editorial quality of the document. During the project or once the project is finalized (depending on the agreement in the initial estimate), you will receive an invoice with payment instructions. Some of the time intensive tasks and the tentative timelines are given below:

Task Tentative timelines
Manuscript editing / writing 3 days for up to 4000 words / 10 to 15 days draft 1
Peer review of manuscript 3-5 days for up to 4000 words
Thesis writing / editing 5 days for 4000 words / 3 days for 6000 words
Thesis peer review 15 days
Regulatory documents writing from scratch Timelines will be decided on case by case
Regulatory documents updates Timelines will be decided on case by case
Regulatory documents editing Timelines will be decided on case by case
Research grant writing / editing 10 days / 4 days

We provide high-quality, cost-effective and successful scientific writing solutions to academia and industry. Please contact for more information on the way we work, our customized prices and new offers.