Data Confidentiality Statement

At SciWrite Global, we respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your scientific data. We will not, without your consent, disclose your personal or scientific data to external parties by any means including emails. All our writers, editors and other employees are bound by a legally viable confidentiality agreement. Further, as soon as the project is initiated, a legally feasible confidentiality agreement is executed between SciWrite Global and the client, making sure that none of the data or work is shared with any external agency, third-party organizations or advertisers. All data obtained by SciWrite Global and given to the writers will be coded or de-identified as per the requirements from the client to maintain the anonymity. You will have only a single point of contact throughout the course of the project. We ensure that none, except the assigned writers and staffs who have signed a data confidentiality agreement, will see the document provided by you.