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You know very well that English is the current language of science. You may be an established researcher, a native or non-native English-speaking author and have written many research papers and health authority submission documents by yourself.

But, have you ever retrospectively analysed the documents you wrote in the past?

Research says, at a later stage, over 70% of the published authors realize that they could have written their papers better. It is also well documented that a well written manuscript has at least 35 times higher chance of acceptance than a manuscript with language errors.

A well-written scientific document is the proof of a well-conducted research. Publications make the best researches historic and visible; they effectively enhance the credibility of the therapeutic product or findings.

Writing and publishing are certainly the key factors for professional and commercial advancements. In addition, health authorities and regulatory bodies require the research reports to be written and submitted in specific formats.

Successful scientific research writing requires more than just high-quality research. Truthful, credible and succinct communication of results, their discussion and conclusions, storyline, publication ethics, awareness of journal and health authority guidelines and excellent scientific writing skills are some of the key factors that influence the acceptance of publications by the peer-reviewed indexed journals and reputed conferences. This is also true when you prepare documents for health regulatory authorities. The global health regulatory landscape is very dynamic and is changing frequently to accommodate the ever-increasing demands for drug development. Our team of professionals is updated with these changes and can guide you through the specific requirements to ensure that your submissions are successful.

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The benefits of editing or writing scientific documents by a professional is very well understood and is now regularly requested by many leading academic journals. The journal editors have realized that professional writers not only improve the quality of English language but also improve the adherence to ethical requirements, journal guidelines, formatting quality, presentation of data in the form of image or charts, data accuracy and at times putting the findings into the right context and thereby increasing the scientific integrity of the research. This will in turn makes the life of journal editors and health regulatory reviewers easy as they can focus more on the scientific aspects of the research.

SciWrite Global provides global medical communications and scientific writing support to academic institutions and industry customers. Understanding the working differences between both these segments, we provide customized and focused services to cater them effectively. Since its inception in 2010, SciWrite Global has grown progressively and established its presence in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, North and South American regions. SciWrite Global is steered by seasoned medical writing professionals. We have an extensive network of carefully selected, highly qualified and certified writing professionals with PhD and MD qualifications. Our team of writers also includes faculties from the world’s most illustrious and renowned universities, experts from many pharmaceutical companies, editors of international peer-reviewed journals and a diverse group of researchers and medical doctors. They are armed with subject knowledge, expertise and scientific writing skills.

To provide our clients with consistent quality, timely delivery and success, we manoeuvre with defined operating procedures, project management tools, quality matrices and relevant document management systems.

We provide high-quality, cost-effective and successful scientific writing solutions to academia and industry. Please contact managingeditor@sciwriteglobal.com for more information on the way we work, our customized prices and new offers.