Cellulase and xylanase synergism in industrial biotechnology

Cellulase and Xylanase synergism in industrial biotechnology

In recent years, many studies have been carried out which shows tremendous benefits of biocatalyst when compared to chemical catalysts. Biocatalyst helps in carrying out reactions in an environment-friendly manner while providing a high level of selectivity, specificity, and low energy consumption.  Two of the most widely used enzyme as biocatalyst are cellulose and xylanase wherein the former is considered to be the 3rd highest used enzyme. Many of the industrial applications require the use of both the enzyme in combination such as bioethanol production, removal of ink in waste paper industries, food processing industries, feed processing, removal of fibers from the textile materials, pulp production, pharmaceuticals and many more. Cellulose and xylanase are mainly produced by microorganisms which increases the demands of these microorganisms in the market. In this review, are discussing the synergistic application of both cellulose and xylanase enzyme as biocatalyst in various industries. Besides this, the paper also discusses the potential applications and requirements of microbial systems producing such enzymes. The paper highlights the future prospects associated with the further development of these enzymes as a coherent part of various industrial processes.